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Inventory System

The purpose of this system is to try and keep things relatively ‘realistic’ in regards to how much a person can carry, as the purpose is to encourage strategic decisions about resource management.

All objects have a SIZE and a WEIGHT value.

Size determines how many slots the object takes up. Larger items take up more slots than smaller items.

Weight determines how heavy the object is. The player can carry a certain amount of weight without being burdened. An overburdened player will fatigue faster and movement will be severely decreased or disabled until the item is removed.

The player has inventory slots determined by LOCATION and CAPACITY.

Body Locations

Body locations are used to show injuries, cosmetic changes like hairstyle and makeup, and items like clothes, accessories and armour.

Location Notes Example Items
Head Face Covering on/off (An item or injury with face covering on will affect all face locations) Helmet, Balaclava, Baseball Cap
Left Eye Affects Vision Glasses, Sunglasses, Monocle
Right Eye Affects Vision
Left Ear Affects Hearing
Right Ear Affects Hearing
Nose Affects Smell and Breathing
Mouth Affects Eating, Breathing and Speech
Neck Necklace, Scarf
Left Shoulder
Left Upper Arm
Left Elbow
Left Forearm
Left Wrist
Left Hand Left Glove, Weapons, Tools
Right Shoulder
Right Upper Arm
Right Elbow
Right Forearm
Right Wrist
Right Hand Right Glove, Weapons, Tools
Torso When an item is set with this flag, it covers Back, Chest, Abdomen and Waist locations
Legs When an item is set with this flag, it covers all leg locations
Left Thigh
Left Knee
Left Lower Leg
Left Foot Left Shoe
Right Thigh
Right Knee
Right Lower Leg
Right Foot Right Shoe

Item Condition

Items degrade over time. Items can be maintained and repaired.