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Core stats:

  • Strength - contributes to health, controls max. weight carried, melee damage, intimidation
  • Perception - environmental awareness, controls senses e.g. sight, sound, smell, awareness of motives
  • Endurance - contributes to health, energy/fatigue/recovery, healing & resistance
  • Charisma - controls seduction, persuasion, social skills, physical appearance
  • Intelligence - controls learning, education, clever problem solving options, willpower
  • Agility - controls speed and accuracy of movements

  • Health - derived from strength and endurance, injuries/sickness
  • Speed - derived from health and agility


  • Alertness - is the player conscious, drowsy, etc.
  • Temperature - body temperature of the character
  • Thirst - water
  • Hunger - food
  • Fatigue - sleep
  • Dampness - wetness
  • Condition - ailments and injuries

Body Temperature

  • Freezing (Character movement is severely slowed, screen edge has a slight blue tinted blur, the character’s hands shake from shivering)
  • Chilly (The character can be heard shivering)
  • Cool (a warning stage that the player is starting to be affected by the cold)
  • Normal
  • Warm (a warning stage that the player is starting to be affected by heat)
  • Hot (Character can be heard panting)
  • Feverish (Character is lethargic, the screen edge has a slight red tinted blur, the player occasionally shivers from chills and the hands shake)

Environment Temperature

The environment temperature is indicated by the following scale:

  • Freezing Cold (<-12)
  • Very Cold (-7oC)
  • Cold (8 - 12oC)
  • Cool (13 - 17oC)
  • Mild (18 - 22 oC) - This is the optimal, neutral temperature.
  • Warm (23 - 27oC)
  • Hot (28 - 32oC)
  • Very Hot (33 - 38oC)
  • Burning Hot (>39oC)

(Players can toggle between C and F being display)

  • Consuming food helps the body maintain its core temperature.
  • Exercise increases body temperature.
  • Exposure to external heat will increase body temperature.
  • Clothing and shelter may provide insulation from external temperatures.
  • Clothing may also prevent excess body heat from escaping.


  • Satisfied (player is hydrated)
  • Several hours without water (depending on exertion and temperature): Player Thirsty (Your mouth is dry)
  • Day 1 without water: Player is thirsty, they have a headache (mild screen blur and throbbing on edges of screen)
  • Day 2 without water: Player is very thirsty and moderately impacted.
  • Day 3 without water Player is severely dehydrated. They are weak, vision is blurred, etc. They must drink water or they will die.
  • Day 4 without water: Player dies from dehydration.

Thirst can be affected by body temperature


Hunger is based on calories burned.

The player burns calories at different rates based on their activity and condition.

e.g. A character who is cold will burn calories at a faster rate than a character who is warm.

The player should not see the numerical system, but rather indicators of the following hunger states:

  • Over-full (110%)
  • Full (100%)
  • Satisfied (70%)
  • Peckish (50%)
  • Hungry (30%)
  • Famished (20%)
  • Starving (10%)

A character has a max. amount that they can eat in any one sitting before they have over-eaten.

A player who has over-eaten will experience temporary lethargic effects.

The hunger system will also consider macronutrients consumed:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins

The hunger system will NOT consider micronutrients in order to avoid over-complicating the system and because the effects of those are often longer term than we focus on in the game.

  • Carbohydrates affect …
  • Fats affect …
  • Protein affects ...

Bonus Health Modifier

There should be a reward for a character that has maintained their characters needs really well (fed well for at least a week, has never gone several hours without water, has been clothed and sheltered appropriately). An example reward could be that the character sleeps better, has a faster walking pace, crafts better quality items because of their improved focus, and perhaps some visual reward like the colours on the screen being a little brighter. Perhaps it could also slightly reduce the speed at which their thirst/hunger decreases.