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The purpose of this article is to create a shared vision for the default experience that a player will have once they start playing the game.

As this game is one with many variables, many players will have a different experience, however this is a baseline that we can use as a starting point.

This section will deal with everything the player experiences from loading the game up until they start actively playing and includes any setup options the player goes through. To be filled out later.


The game is played in three recurring phases. Each character has different abilities, opportunities, features and flaws that impact the story.


Exploring the area, gathering knowledge.

  • Interact with characters (relationships)
  • Interact with objects (character and environment improvements and customization)


Examining intelligence and deciding on how to achieve a mission.

  • Review intelligence.
  • Discuss with other characters
  • Decide on a course of action


Executing the activity decided upon during the planning phase.


Upon completion of each phase, consequences are applied to the game world based on the outcome of events.

Demo Scenario

Phase 1: Explore & Investigate

Day 1: The Storm

  1. Player requires first aid (Intro to basic first aid - makeshift bandage)
  2. Player requires clothes/footwear (Intro to body protection from elements - finds a pair of shoes and jacket)
  3. Player requires water (Intro to safe water consumption - uses last of water in a bottle)
  4. Player requires fire (Intro to making fire for boiling water, heating, lighting and cooking)
  5. Player requires food (Intro to foraging and cooking)
  6. Player requires information (Intro to exploring and examining objects for information)
  7. Player requires rest (Intro to sleeping)

Phase 2: Planning

Day 2: The Aftermath

  1. Player meets basic needs like food, water, toilet, etc.
  2. Player finds a communication device (tutorial on operating objects).
  3. Player discusses situation and information discovered with a NPC via radio (tutorial on conversations)
  4. Player decides on a course of action (multiple choice of location to go to)
  5. Player prepares a backpack and other equipment for their goal.

Phase 3: Action

Day 3:

  1. Player meets basic daily needs of food, water, toilet, etc.
  2. Player leaves the bunker (Intro to outside navigation)
  3. Player travels in the environment around them, gathering knowledge and supplies (Intro to narrative storytelling)
  4. Player enters the new location, is given a review of their actions, and new opportunities/challenges are revealed (which are dependent on previous choices, e.g if area is war torn, crowded, abandoned, lacking water or electricity, etc).