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SPRING Hours of Sunlight High Temp Low Temp
Early Spring (March)
Mid Spring (April)
Late Spring (May)

SUMMER Hours of Sunlight High Temp Low Temp
Early Summer (Jun)
Mid Summer (Jul) 30°C 20°C
Late Summer (Aug)

AUTUMN Hours of Sunlight High Temp Low Temp
Early Autumn (Sep)
Mid Autumn (Oct)
Late Autumn (Nov)

WINTER Hours of Sunlight High Temp Low Temp
Early Winter (Dec) 8
Mid Winter (Jan) 6 -10°C -30°C
Late Winter (Feb) 8


Estimate that time should pass about 4x faster than real life but we can change this to balance it to whatever feels best - this is just a complete guess. Daylight hours changes during the seasons. It also affects the habits of wildlife. Time is paused when the player quits the game, it is not synched with real life. Time can be sped up when the player sleeps.


The temperature affects the character's body temperature. The colder it is, the quicker the character’s temperature will drop, the hotter it is, the quicker their temperature will rise. Correct clothing and shelter are able to insulate the player from temperature effects to varying degrees. Fire will help reduce the effect of cold if the player is within warming range.

  • Freezing Cold (<-12)
  • Very Cold (-7oC)
  • Cold (8 - 12oC)
  • Cool (13 - 17oC)
  • Mild (18 - 22 oC)
  • Warm (23 - 27oC)
  • Hot (28 - 32oC)
  • Very Hot (33 - 38oC)
  • Burning Hot (>39oC)


The seasons change and affect: what resources are available to the player (e.g. berries in the autumn) the habits of wildlife (eg. bears go into hibernation in winter) weather conditions (snow, rain, heat)